Smart City Day - Digitale Stadt - Handeln.Verwalten.Vernetzen.

After a two-year break, the MEMO (Methods and Tools for Administrative Modernization) and HIS (Trade Information Systems) conferences will be joined into a single conference focusing on Smart Cities. The conference will bring together key players from science, administration, and business who stand for modern and innovative ideas for a future digital city. This year, the conference is being organized in cooperation with Smart City Münster. Who have set themselves the goal of developing Münster into a Smart City with the help of active and energetic partners from all areas of urban life. The conference is aimed at specialists and managers from various domains throughout Germany. As a keynote speaker Markus Lewe (the President of the German Association of Cities and Mayor of the City of Münster), Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Meigel and Prof. Dr. Tobias Brandt could be won.

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