Presentation Guidelines

How do the presentations work at BPM2022? Bluntly having copied most of this from the last pre-covid conference, BPM2019 in Vienna, Austria, and adjusted it to our environment, we provide you with the following guidelines:

At the conference, we have laptops with MS Windows, Acrobat Reader, and MS Powerpoint installed. They are connected to a projector, so if you like, you can bring your USB stick and upload your presentation to them. If you love your own machine, connect it to the projector via HDMI or VGA. Any other connection requires an adapter, which you should bring.

Before leaving for the conference

  • Check on the website or the Whova App (program) when and where your talk is scheduled. You should be able to simply search for your name (if the program has already been made public).
  • Prepare your presentation either as a Powerpoint or a PDF file. Optimize your slides to 16:9 display.
  • Bring your presentation on a USB stick or use your own laptop.
  • Check where the room of your talk is. The Campus map is available here.
  • Check the time slot for your talk. These are mentioned in the program for your session.

Before your session

  • Bring your presentation on a USB stick, or have your laptop (and, if required, adapter for HDMI/VGA) prepared.
  • Be there no later than 10 minutes before your session starts. Meet the session chair at the speaker pult and, if required, copy your presentation file onto the available computer. Test your laptop connection during the break before your session.
  • Take a seat in the first row such that you have a short path to the speaker pult.

During your talk

  • Mind the time of your talk. Session chairs are instructed to cut talks that run out of time. This is important for being fair to the other speakers.

After your talk

  • If you are fine with sharing your slides, please make them publicly available and tweet the link using the hashtag #BPM2022 and, if you like, add @bpmconf.