Münster is not, let's say, the cheapest city in regards to accommodation.

We have an agreement with the city that provides some higher-range hotels to upper-mid-range prices. Please find them in the map below marked yellow, they link to our partner booking site. Orange hotels are not part of the deal, but linked to for your convenience.

$ indicates budget, $$ lower price range (<= 80€/night), $$$ mid-range (<= 120€/night), $$$$ upper range (<=160€/night) and $$$$$, well, the rest.

Hotels in the south-east are closer to the conference dinner venue, hotels in the city center are quite in the middle. Here are four examples of routes by foot to the venue and to the conference location:

We organized busses to Coconut Beach (conference party location on Wednesday evening), leaving from the venue. Also mind that we have a quite diverse market of eScooters in Münster, which are available almost everywhere and on average cost 1€ for unlocking and ~20ct per minute driving: Bird, Bolt, Lime, TIER, and Voi

Well, that's that, here is the map. Click on the hotels get a link to the portal or use our list below.

If you would like to open the portal below in a new window, please use this link. This might be a bit more convenient.