15th Workshop on Social and Human Aspects of Business Process Management (BPMS2’22)

The BPMS2 workshop explores how social interactions integrate with business process management and how business process management may profit from this integration. Furthermore, the workshop investigates the human aspects introduced into Business Process Management by involving human users.

The integration of business process management and social interactions such as weak ties, social production, egalitarianism becomes more and more widespread. New approaches for using social information systems with business process management appear frequently. Companies integrate customers into product development to capture ideas and features. E.g., ratings and reviews provided by individuals enable companies to implement huge platforms for long-tail services and products.  

Human aspects relate to the individual who creates a process model and communication among people during and after the process execution. They also connect to the interaction that should be implemented in the business process or to specific human-related aspects of the business process and their models' representations. Furthermore, human individuals are involved in business processes in new ways. E.g., Voice-based assistants such as Alexa, Siri, etc., provide a declarative interface that allows interacting to human beings in new ways.

Rainer Schmidt: Rainer.Schmidt@hm.edu
Selmin Nurcan: nurcan@univ-paris1.fr 

Website: www.bpms2.org

Call for Papers: https://uni-muenster.sciebo.de/s/EONccSk0eoMkQwA